Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY - Pit Paste

4 T Virgin Coconut Oil
1/4 C Arrowroot Powder
1/4 C Baking Soda
1 T Shea Butter
5-10 drops of Essential oil of your choice. (Right now I'm LOVING Lemongrass. I've also used Melaleuca and Purify, but you may try whatever combo you like!)
These measurements are approximate. You can adjust depending on your preference of consistency of the paste. I would recommend following the liquid measurements, and then start adding in the powder a tablespoon at a time.

You can melt the Coconut Oil and Shea butter first using the double boiler method (glass container with ingredients, sitting in a pot of boiling water until mixture is melted), let it cool a bit and then mix in the essential oils and powder.
Or you can kind of mash them all together using a spoon.

Mix the Coconut Oil with the Shea Butter, and then slowly add in your Baking Soda and Arrowroot Powder. You don't want to mixture to be too liquidy. You're looking for a thick moisturizer type texture. 

Add your essential oils.

Apply in small amounts to figure out what works for you (generally start with about a pea size amount of paste).

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**We only use and recommend therapeutic-grade essential oils. All of the suggestions are based off the assumption that high-quality essential oils are being used. If you would like to get started using high-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils, then you can CLICK HERE to learn how to get started.