Monday, June 1, 2015

How to Order Essential Oils -- June

School is OUT. Summer is IN. And JUNE is my birthday month -- So we're celebrating ALL.MONTH.LONG.!!  You do not want to miss out on this offer!!

My Future's So Bright wants to cover the cost of your wholesale enrollment!! We want to invest in YOUR health! By joining our team, you'll have access to to our essential oil community and the support of some amazing oilers -- including giveaways and extra team incentives!

EXCLUSIVE JUNE SPECIALS for New Wholesale Members!

  • $60 Rebate when you enroll with a $150 Kit
  • $75 Rebate when you enroll with a $195 Kit
  • $110 Rebate when you enroll with a $275 Kit
  • $220 Rebate when you enroll with a $550 Kit
  • $600 Rebate when you enroll with a $1,585 Kit
  • $1,000 Rebate when you enroll with a $2,550 Kit

*If you also sign up for a monthly order for at least 100PV to process in July, we will send you an additional rebate to cover the full PV of your enrollment kit (not including the two biggest kits)!!!

The three biggest Kits will also set you up to receive bigger percentage back on your monthly orders! So when you set up your minimum 100PV LRP the following month, you start out receiving 15%, 20% and 25% back in rewards! Additionally, you will receive 100, 200 or 400 points from the company once your monthly order processes!

How to Get Started: 

I recommend that EVERYONE start by purchasing a wholesale Enrollment Kit. By doing this, you become a wholesale member and you are able to get WHOLESALE PRICES on all your future orders!!! These Kits have all the popular oils included PLUS your wholesale membership fee ($35) is WAIVED!!! As a wholesale member you DO NOT have to sell the oils and you DO NOT have a monthly minimum!

** Our company ships to MANY countries, most likely yours! However my monthly incentives are only for US Residents due to the cost of shipping. If you are in another country and interested in becoming a member, please contact me and we look at options to incentivize you!

How to Enroll:  
1. Follow the steps in this post to get enrolled: Become a Wholesale Customer!
2. Email me once your enrolled so that I can mail out your goodies!
***You MUST email me by 12:00Midnight, June 30th to redeem your initial rebate!! You must also contact me again once your LRP processes in July.

Need help or have questions?
Contact me!
Email me:
Call or text: 920-933-0586

****Additionally as a MFSB Team member you will be able to purchase Thirty-One, Norwex and Shaklee at cost since we have active membership with these companies!